A Boomers Guide to Music

New Music for the Boomer Generation. If you are a boomer wondering what new music to buy, I hope my recommendations will be of use. I listen to all genres of music and my recommendations are in rock, pop, blues, country and jazz.

See the picks below and then go to your favorite music service and listen. I buy my music thru ITunes as I like their playlist and how it works. I listen to streaming via Tidal as I find the quality much better than Spotify. However, Tidal requires a subscription.

There are also personal recommendations as to stereo equipment and a guide to setting up a digital music system. I hope that you find this site useful.

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Best Albums of 2014

Roseanne Cash - The River and the Thread - Folk/Country

This might be the best album of the year. Great songs, superb production, this is one of those albums that just totally seduces you. It is the total sound from every instrument to Roseanne's voice - a masterpiece. Forget about your distaste for Country, this is not Country, this is great music. Absolutely, not to be missed.

Ray LaMontagne - Supernova - Rock

This album is unlike anything that Ray has done before. Album feels like it was cut in the 70's during the height of rock and roll. Great production, some great songs and some good songs, however not a bad song on the album. If you do not know LaMontagne, this is a great place to start.

Keb Mo - BluesAmericana - Blues

One of my favorite storytellers has released a new album filled with songs that all tell a story. Blues at its best. Mo is one of those artists that is all about music for an older generation. New accessible blues music that is a total treat.

Eric Clapton - The Breeze - Rock

Some of Clapton's better songs have been penned by J.J. Cale. On this album which in my opinion is Clapton's best in years, he dedicates to J.J. Cale (who died this year) and renders a superb album with great quests and some fabulous songs. If you are familiar with Cale as an artist, you will appreciate the Clapton treatment of this material even more - A Must Buy.

Toni Braxton and Babyface - Love, Marriage and Divorce - Soul

Is it the 80's? Super slick soul from Babyface featuring Toni Braxton. Some songs are duets, some are solos, however each one is a testament to Babyface's great soul writing and production. Music to make love to, break up to, make up to - the bases are covered. I forgot how much how liked sweet super soul music.

Gary Clark Jr. - Live - Blues

Not since Stevie Ray Vaughan has someone played with such raw energy and power. This album is full of electronic blues at its best, blistering guitar accompanied by a vocal style that transforms the stage into a get down boogie blues festival. I have been a fan of Clark for sometime, however not until "Live" did I truly appreciate his artistry.

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams - Rock

Even though this is Adams's fourth album, I think it is his best and easiest to get into. The writing is better, the songs are a little more stripped down so that Ryan's voice is better used in the song construction. Adams rocks out as well as sings more laid back songs that every before. If you like rock singer - songwriters - you need to give this a try.

Ed Sheeran - X - Rock/Pop

"X" is Sheeran's best album to date. Laden with songs that contain choruses full of hooks, you cannot help but tap your feet, shake your head and before you know it, you have been seduced by this new purveyor of pop. Start with "Sing", then "Bloodstream" and go from there. And lets see if you can keep from moving and singing along.

Ruthie Foster - Promise of a Brand New Day - Blues

Ruthie has one of the better voices singing today and her mix of blues and gospel is a good one. Foster writes most of her material, and on this latest outing, she had produced an album of uptempo happy songs about life and love or the lack thereof. If you ever get the chance, catch Ruthie live, you will be glad you did. Until then, sit back and turn up "Promise of a Brand New Day".

Jill Barber - Fools Gold - Pop

Jill Barber was one of my most pleasant new discoveries of 2014. Love her voice, but more than that, I love the songs and how they remind me of the do-wop girl stuff of the 50's and 60's. Fabulous production that really makes the songs come to life and reach out and grab the listener. If you want to discover something new that sounds a little like something old, this is it - you will fall in love with Jill Barber.

Craig Handy and the 2nd Line Smith - Jazz

Jazz with a New Orleans funk feel. If you can keep from tapping your toe when this is playing, then you must be dead. Great musicians, from the horns to the organ, however it is the bass line and the drums that give it the New Orleans feel. You can taste the gumbo this music is so real. Great fun.

Joe Sample and NDR Big Band - Children of the Sun - Jazz

I own several Joe Sample albums, however this is my absolute favorite. Great songs, great production and a great band that accompanies Joe. What makes this album so special is weaving of the horns into a special sound and Sample glides in and out of the horns smooth as silk. Sound on the album is first rate and you find yourself listening for each player and their combination.
Great stuff.

Delfeayo Marsalis - Last Southern Gentleman - Jazz

I was not aware of this Marsalis brother until this album. Delfeayo plays trombone and what makes the tronmbone such a special instrument is that the player has to feel the notes on the slide. Marsalis is so seductive and is joined on this album by his father Ellis. I love the drumming on the album and at first thought it was brother Jason, however the style is like Jason, the drummer is actually Marvin Smith. This album goes well with a glass of wine

Best New Songs from 2014 - New Music for Boomers
Itunes no longer allows the publishing of playlists, so I can only offer as a song list.


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