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 I realized one night while listening, that most adults do not have a clue as to what to buy - therefore, they quit buying. Radio was not geared to adults for new music, retail nor the labels did not market to adults. So here sits the biggest demographic with the most money and nobody seems to care that they are not active purchasers of music. Welcome to the bopper, hopefully I can turn you on to some new music that you would not have found otherwise.

On this site, I talk about my music, my equipment and myself. If you are a boomer and seeking music, I hope that you find some suggestions here that turn you on as a music listener. I have also listed music equipment reviews of equipment that I have owned as well as currently own.

Welcome to the bopper.net - it is all about the music.

Review of the bopper.net

This Month's Feature Albums (Click on the Cover to go to ITunes to listen).

Product Details Roseanne Cash - The River and the Thread - Folk/Country

This might be the best album of the year. Great songs, superb production, this is one of those albums that just totally seduces you. It is the total sound from every instrument to Roseanne's voice - a masterpiece. Forget about your distaste for Country, this is not Country, this is great music. Absolutely, not to be missed.

Product Details Ray LaMontagne - Supernova - Rock

This album is unlike anything that Ray has done before. Album feels like it was cut in the 70's during the height of rock and roll. Great production, some great songs and some good songs, however not a bad song on the album. If you do not know LaMontagne, this is a great place to start.

Product Details

Keb Mo - BluesAmericana - Blues

One of my favorite storytellers has released a new album filled with songs that all tell a story. Blues at its best. Mo is one of those artists that is all about music for an older generation. New accessible blues music that is a total treat.

Product Details

The Holmes Brothers - Brotherhood - Blues

The Holmes Brothers are a vibrant mix of gospel and the blues. On their latest, they are swinging a little more than usual. They are unlike anything else currently recording and that is a good thing. Love the vocals, especially the harmonies on the choruses. This is American music, the roots, the current, fun, fun.

Product Details Toni Braxton and Babyface - Love, Marriage and Divorce - Soul

Is it the 80's? Super slick soul from Babyface featuring Toni Braxton. Some songs are duets, some are solos, however each one is a testament to Babyface's great soul writing and production. Music to make love to, break up to, make up to - the bases are covered. I forgot how much how liked sweet super soul music.

Product Details Craig Handy and the 2nd Line Smith - Jazz

Jazz with a New Orleans funk feel. If you can keep from tapping your toe when this is playing, then you must be dead. Great musicians, from the horns to the organ, however it is the bass line and the drums that give it the New Orleans feel. You can taste the gumbo this music is so real. Great fun.

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Itunes no longer allows the publishing of playlists, so I can only offer as a song list.


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